Your Urwex experiences should be full of delightful moments. Since our community is built on trust, authenticity is essential—it requires a balance of shared expectations, honest interactions, and accurate details.


Every Urwex trade is unique and each detail specific to a booking, a transfer, and a sale. Since our community makes commitments based on these details, we have to be able to trust each other’s reliability—whether it be in timely communication, the terms of a sale, or in the expectations we set.


Every time a traveler reaches out—whether you have a reservation with them or not—responding quickly shows that you’re an attentive and considerate broker.

Respond to your inquiries and offer requests within 24 hours to maintain a good response rate.If your listing isn’t available or a traveler can’t agree to the price or terms you set, be sure to decline the offer request promptly.

If you confirm a trip and something about the itinerary changes, tell your traveler in advance

These standards can help you earn great reviews for providing excellent and dependable services. You can see how you’re doing by checking ratings and feedback from your travelers.

When you go to your dashboard, you’ll see the ratings you’ve received for accuracy, Communication, On Time Responses, and overall Smooth Transaction.

Commitment to Reservations

When you confirm you’ll book someone, they’re trusting you to take care of their needs. Whether it’s a family vacation or a business trip, an unexpected change in their travel plans can be very disruptive.

If the unexpected happens and you can’t avoid cancelling a confirmed booking, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • As soon as you know that you have to cancel, let your traveler know right away. This will give them as much time as possible to find an alternative.
  • Cancel the reservation on Urwex.
  • If you know other agents that can help, consider asking them if they can accommodate the travelers needs trip and offer to make an introduction.


We hear from agents and travelers that sharing clear expectations before a trip can contribute to a better experience for everyone. As an agent, you can help travelers decide if your itinerary is a good fit for their needs by providing detailed information about what you can offer.

Your travelers will have the opportunity to rate the accuracy of the information you provide. Creating a detailed profile and listing page will attract travelers and help you earn great ratings.

Your listing information

Write a detailed description what you can offer. Provide Rules that address situations that will matter to your travelers.

Your price

A very high price may lead travelers to assume your services are extra luxurious—they shouldn’t be expecting a castle when they arrive at a cottage.

If you frequently receive low ratings on the accuracy of the information you provide, you may face penalties. We want travelers to trust that the space they book is the space they’ll find when they arrive.


Overall Experience

Your travelers will have the opportunity to rate their overall experience. The average of the overall experience ratings you receive will appear on your listing page. It also appears when a traveler searches for listings that match their search criteria. So having a high overall rating is a great way to stand out in search results.

Remember that many of your travelers may not be familiar with the destination or trip details, so try to anticipate what they’ll want, what they’ll find confusing, and how you can offer help and guidance.
Personalize each travelers experience to suit their travel needs and personality—small gestures can leave big, lasting impressions.

Ask for feedback from your guests so they can help you find areas where you can improve. They can tell you face to face, or leave private feedback for you when they submit their ratings.

You have control over how you price your listing, but it’s important to set a price that balances expectations with what you have to offer. 

If you’re a first-time agent, consider lowering your rate so that you can get your first few bookings and gain some experience.

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